To PREPARE our clients to understand their body, and be more physically prepared for the demands of their sport by helping them be more explosive, and stronger, and reduce any risk of an injury.  


Fit Strength Performance was founded by Mark Bruce, president, and owner. Mark has been coaching in the Rochester NY area since 2012. Since 2012 Mark has worked with over a thousand athletes ranging from 5 years old to adults in their 60s. The athletes range from 5th graders who are looking to get started with physical preparation, middle schoolers trying to reduce discomfort and get stronger, high school athletes looking to get to the college level, collegiate athletes who are trying to reach their conference championship, and professional athletes seeking another contract to further their career. 

At Fit|Strength Performance, we specialize in maximizing the potential of both our athlete and adult clientele. FSP offers the most comprehensive sports performance enhancement training, small group adult strength and movement training, and personal training in the Rochester area. The FSP results-driven approach has been refined, altered, and adapted in order to get our clients the best results and is suited for athletes ages 11 and up and adult clients. 

From sports performance to weight loss to living an overall healthier lifestyle, FSP has the answer. Our most popular program is our Semi-Private Training which consists of 4 athletes to 1 coach in each session. This Semi-Private model allows all athletes to get receive customized programming, and individualized attention during each session and allows coaches and athletes to build a great connection in order to ensure there is buy-in to their own development. 

The staff at FSP our some of the best coaches in the area. Coaches are continuously learning about strength and conditioning and also how to better serve those that they train. While we motivate our clients to give us a 110% each session, our coaches are pushed to that same level which is why our clients keep coming back and seeing amazing results. 

If you are looking to increase your explosiveness, play stronger, reduce any risk of an injury, learn how to be ok with being uncomfortable, or lose weight, our coaches will provide the knowledge and hands-on training to help you reach your athletic potential. 

Join us at Fit|Strength Performance to reach your ATHLETIC POTENTIAL! 

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