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Viking Press Landmine Handle Review from Titan Fitness

I just recently purchased the Viking Press Landmine Handle from Titan Fitness.

I purchased this piece in order to  provide both myself and my clients with more variety for overhead and lower body movements. This attachment goes on the end of your barbell, and can be used for a number of upper body and lower body lifts.

How to use the Viking Press: 

In order to use the Viking Press you need to have a barbell, and a landmine attachment that goes in a bumper or the corner of the wall.

Landmine Rack Attachment (Pair)

However, if you do not have a landmine attachment you can place your barbell in the corner of the wall (this could damage your wall at home or at your gym). 

What is it used for? 

“The VIking Press was designed to improve overhead strength and give you a little more versatility with your landmine exercises,” says Titan Fitness. The Viking Press has three handle options: Neutral, Wider Neutral, and Pronate. Although you can do some pretty cool stuff that get your shoulders strong, you can also use it for squat variations, posterior chain movements, and back exercises. Overall, the Viking Press is very helpful if you are trying to get stronger, lean up, or lose weight. 

It is common for people to lack overhead mobility and performing movements that do not fit your anthropometrics (current movement patterns) vertical pressing motions can cause more harm than good.

With that said, having a landmine attachment that allows people to press in a more advantageous position without putting them at risk or injuring themselves can continue their training. Therefore, using the Viking Press allows people to train at a high level without having to worry about getting hurt and ultimately seeing great results.

Below is a a review of this piece of equipment and also exercises you can perform with this movement: