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The Greatest Workout To Get The BEST RESULTS!

I get a lot of questions from people asking “what are the best types of workouts to do?” Sometimes I go into a long winded response trying to break down what each type of workout will do for your body, and what workout will get you the results you want.

First- I always ask: “How is your nutrition?” The bottom line is if you are eating like crap, but getting to the gym everyday, 5x a week, 3x a week, or whatever it is you are wasting your time if you are eating anything and everything that comes your way. If you want specific results- Abs, fat loss, muscle well then you need to monitor what you are eating at lest 80% of the time.

Second- If you are a veteran in working out then YES there are certain types of programs that could cater to your specific goals a little bit better than others. If that is the case then I usually will go into greater detail to certain styles, or at least the ones I am familiar with. If that is you then reach out personally, and we can discuss further.

Third- This is the big one so pay attention! I heard this from Jim Stoppani who is all over YouTube so check him out if you want to see what he has to say. What I heard from him is that the best program is the ONE YOU ARE NOT DOING! So what does that mean? Well first if your A** is doing nothing then get up, and start doing something. I have never seen or heard of anyone wishing for results and then waking up the next day 30lbs lighter and shredded. If you are someone who does the same thing everyday in the gym (e.g. cardio for 30 min, a few machines for 20 min, abs x abs x abs) well I promise you that any results you were getting will soon stop and you will be stuck. It is necessary to change up your routine for minimal 4 weeks to give your body variation. That could mean lift super heavy for your compound movements at 3/5/6 reps (bench, squat/leg press, rows, deadlifts), and go super high reps for accessory movements or even heavy again. The key is to change it up, and keep your body guessing.

There are stigmas that if girls lift heavy they will get bulky or if guys lift light they are weak or will not gain muscles. You need to do it all to get the results you want. If your heavy is still super light well if you stop trying to get those numbers bigger then those numbers will always be low. Focus on MAKING YOU BETTER, YOU STRONGER, and GET YOU ONE STEP CLOSER TO YOUR GOALS.