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The Best Videos of 2020: Strength and Conditioning

With the new year right around the corner, I wanted to share with you “The Best of 2020” series with my top videos of the year. Today, I will highlight my top 5 videos of this past year.

  1. Viking Press Review Video: We use the Viking Press quite frequently at FSP for many upper and lower body variations. This tool is great to implement into your training program if you have shoulder issues or just need a different training stimulus.

Viking Press Review

2. Getting Better Depth with your Squat: All clients that come into our gym will learn how to squat. That does not mean they will put a bar on their back, however, they will learn some squat variation based on their training age and ability. Here is a video about how to get better depth and improve your squat technique.

3. In-Place Speed Series: With COVID-19 shutting down many gyms, canceling athletic seasons, and disrupting youth sports it is no excuse to not continue training. Here is a video of simple sprint drills that can be done in your basement or bedroom to help build speed for next season.

4. Crossover Step to Medicine Ball to Shot Put Throw: When trying to improve overall power we like to implement medicine ball throws into our programs. Using medicine balls in your training allows the athlete to perform specific movements under a lite load while still being able to move fast. This drill will help improve your ability to accelerate and decelerate laterally helping you become a better athlete.

5. How to Perform an RDL: Last but not least, this video walks you through the NUMBER ONE movement we require all of our clients to be able to perform at FSP. If you cannot perform an RDL you are putting yourself at risk of a season-ending or expensive injury. Learning the RDL will help you run fast, play stronger, and be a more athletic performer.