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The Benefits of Doing a 30 Day Challenge

Are you struggling to find energy just to do the essentials each day? 

Are you just going through the motions when you workout? 

Getting bored with your current diet? 

Are you continuously making poor decisions in the kitchen and skipping each workout you planned for yourself? 

If you said yes to any of the above things then joining a challenge could be a great opportunity for you to recharge your batteries, feel better, and finally do what you have been telling yourself you are going to do tomorrow. 

Here are 5 reasons why 30 Day Challenges can be beneficial: 

#1 You are bored of your current routine

Why do we begin doing anything? For most of us it is because it makes you feel better, someone convinced you to try something, and/or you probably had a result that you enjoyed and now you’re addicted. However, after doing the same thing over and over again it can become repetitive, monotonous, and you could lose interest. Especially when it comes to working out and eating well, keeping it fresh is very important so you do not ‘fall off the wagon’!. That is why 30 Day Challenges can be very beneficial to get you out of your routine, learn new things about exercise and nutrition, and also spark a new fire so you work harder than you have in a while. 

#2 You need to break habits and create new ones

Sometimes life throws you curveballs, and you become a deer caught in headlights without any idea how to get out of the road. If you are someone that wishes you could break your current habits of waking up late, eating poorly, and not exercising then a 30-day challenge could be your answer. Most challenges involve money and also a community to support you that force you to be accountable and show up. When you have skin in the game, I bet you will think twice about skipping that workout or eating that donut. 

#3 Build stronger relationships 

Doing a challenge by yourself is never fun unless you have someone you know doing it with you. Therefore, inviting a friend or a family member to do it with you makes it more much more enjoyable. Doing so will allow you to keep each other accountable, and can also strengthen your relationship if it is with someone you have lost touch with.

#4 Cash prize

My gym just had a virtual fitness challenge and there was a cash prize awarded to the winner. I remember when I was playing basketball in men’s league, I would sacrifice my ankles, sleep, and physical health to win a t-shirt in the championship. Having an incentive always makes people work harder, so find a challenge that will reward you financially with your efforts. Even if you do not win the cash prize or a t-shirt, if you stick with it you’ll be awarded something much more valuable. 

#5 Meet new people

Challenges usually involve other people that you will have to participate with. During the Arbonne 30 Day Healthy Living Challenge we will host live Q and A’s and also have a community facebook page. This allows each group member to interact with one another, share ideas, seek out support, and to hold each other accountable. 


I hope this put together a different outlook on 30 Day Challenges for you. While there may be negative myths and stigmas with challenges, the main purpose is to help get you started and provide you with a road map on how to break habits, form new habits, and ultimately allow you to reach your goals. While challenges eventually end, the goal is for you to adopt the skills you created during the challenge and implement into your everyday life. 
If you are in need of help so you can get more energy, lose weight, and feel better check out our Arbonne 30 Day Challenge.

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