“After my senior season was done, I researched to find someone who I believe can take me to the next level. I wanted a personal training experience that fit my body. A personal program that could help my body not only feel better but to build strength as well. I came across Mark Bruce and quickly my life changed for the better! Within the first month of working with Mark, I not only got into the best shape of my life but also gained so much knowledge on my own personal body. We broke down my strengths and weaknesses that were body specific. I highly recommend working with Mark Bruce if you want to take your body to the next level. Whether its to reach an athletic goal or healthy lifestyle, Mark has so much knowledge that can become specific to the individual.”

Supreme Hannah


“My wife and I signed up to work with Mark and it was the best decision we could have made. The goal was to lose weight for our wedding, and to start living a healthy life so we could model good habits for when we have a family. At the end of 3-months, I lost 35 lbs using is programs and guidance in the kitchen. I got stronger which helped my golf game, started to move better overall, and my energy was at an all-time high. Not only did we achieve our goal, but we have been training with Mark since 2016 and we couldn’t think of working with anyone else. I highly recommend training at Fit-Strength!”

Stephen Bentz

SGX Strength / FSP Client

“I have been working with Mark since my Freshman year at RIT. I decided to start playing basketball again when I entered college, and knew I needed to get stronger and improve my overall game. After the first few sessions with Mark at Fit-Strength, I knew if I kept coming I would reach my goals. At FSP I was able to get stronger, increase my vertical, and my speed increased. I highly recommend signing up with if you are looking to get to the next level!

Sarah Henretta

RIT Basketball GUARD

“Mark has been my strength coach since 2018. I have worked with him in preparation for Division 1 football. Mark has helped me understand my body, helped me get stronger, and really has helped me increase my speed. Whenever I enter a session with Mark, I know he is going to ensure that whatever we do that it is in my best interest. I highly recommend working with Mark despite the sport you play.”

Connor Zammaria

U-Main Tight End

“I have been training with Mark since I was a Sophomore in high school. Mark has been a great supported while pushing me to be the best athlete, but also listening to me when I needed to talk things through. Entering my freshman year at Keuka College, I felt prepared both on the court and in the weight room. Each summer, Mark and I would go through my summer program and develop a plan that would help me get stronger, be more explosive, and take my performance to the next level. I highly recommend training at Fit-Strength Performance, you will not regret it!”

Rachel Vespucci


“I have known Mark for a while, but I just started working with him in preparation of my Junior year at St. Rose. I had some issues with my ankle, but Mark communicated with my physical therapist to ensure that what he and I were doing would help me recover faster. Mark does a great job explaining the purpose of what we are doing, and shows how this relates to basketball. The sessions are fun but challenging, and I have already seen improvements in my strength and jumping ability. Train at FSP, and you will not regret it”

Matt Keenan


“Mark is a great coach who will help you succeed in whatever your goal is. Very clean facility with great equipment and a great atmosphere.”

Mitch Tucker

Fairport Varsity Volleyball, 2019 State Champions




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