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Not Just Another Kardashian

Scrolling through IG or Facebook, which I do a lot, I always see fitness “role models” posting pictures with very heartfelt and motivating messages. What those messages are tagged with are pictures of them with their shirts off, in a bikini, and having 5-10% body fat. Before you read on, I am not writing this to “bash” those people because I am sure they have helped and are helping those they are working with. I am simply pointing out some of the underlying messages the outside world could be taking from those posts. I am not perfect, and if you wanted to display how I am being contradictory please just go to my IG page and see that I too have posted pictures of the same thing I am describing. Life is about change, and I promise I have made a change!

I deal with a variety of people in my practice, which has allowed me to see how some of those messages are doing more harm than good. I remember when I started out, I thought I needed to show people that I had muscles and abs in order to get them to believe I could get them muscles and abs. As a marketing tactic I posted a lot of pictures of such images. When you walked into my door the first thing I would say is that this a lifestyle and not a fad, and although you may achieve those results it is about changing behaviors and habits. THIS WAS MY TRUE MESSAGE! If you got stronger and got abs then great, but that was not truly the goal.

I have competed in bodybuilding shoes and I have looked like those fitness models, but let me tell you it was very hard, tiresome, and a struggle to keep that look. Hours in the weight room, hours missed of being with friends and family, and frustrations because life was consumed by meal prepping. What I am trying to say is that those images you see on social media are from 10% of the world, and as I read a post the other day it made me wonder how many of those smiling faces despite being ripped and lean were truly smiling on the inside and not just for the photo?

Like I said, my background is different compared to some in my profession. I have a Masters Degree in Counseling and deal with young children, adolescents, and teenagers both males and females. The last thing I want them to see is me with my shirt off, and a message saying, “If you look like this you’ll be happy.”

Whether you are an athlete, a fitness enthusiast, a mother, a father, or a novice, your goal should be for you to be the best version of you. There is more to fitness and athletics than looking a certain way, but the purpose is to develop lifetime habits and traits that will carry with you throughout your life and those your surround yourself with.

I want you to remember to look at the meaning of fitness, eating right, and sports performance training. All of that can teach you so much about who you are, where you can go, and how you can stay there and continue to grow as a person. The characteristics I have built after training and eating purposefully are far greater than what I accomplished when I was down to 6% body fat. The confidence, courageousness, and empowerment that can be obtained when adopting this lifestyle is the ultimate reward and result.